Hi all!

There are only three days left until our next short trip. I’m so excited! But for now I wanna share with you one last post from our trip to London. As I mentioned before, London is very busy and crowded, so it was quite hard to take pictures without people photobombing them. Although we enjoyed the trip and had a lot of fun I wasn’t all too sad when we had to leave. Anyway, I wanna talk about the cool things we experienced in London.

We loved the fact that the people there seem to laugh more, take life less seriously, always be in a good mood and so on. They are more open and talkative, and if you need to get directions they’re always ready to help. Another great thing was that the weather in the UK is not as foggy or rainy as people around the world think (or maybe we were just extremely lucky and had picked the perfect date for out trip :P). One more thing I loved about London was Hillsong Church. I expected it to be pretty cool but it was so much more than that, it was absolutely mind-blowing. So if you are from London or plan to visit, please do yourself a favor and go to one of their four Sunday services at the Dominion Theatre!

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Enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by!






Jacket: Asos 

Blouse: Asos (now on sale!)

Backpack: H&M (similar here)

Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Pants: Bik Bok