Hey all,

Hope you are doing fine and that you had an amazing Valentine’s Weekend. Those who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat probably saw that ours was pretty awesome.

By now you probably know that Natan and I are not very romantic. Or maybe we are, but not in that cliché kind of way. We are not that kind of couple that posts everything we do, all the places we go, all the things that we see, all the foods that we eat, all the gifts we give each other. Neither do we feel the need to make public statements of how much we love and value each other. Don’t get me wrong, we are going out, having date nights and doing all this good stuff couples do but staying in bed all night watching a bad movie (and commenting) while eating pizza is pretty much the most romantic date for us. Anyway, this year we’re trying to be different, so we went to one of the most romantic places in Austria you can go to on Valentine’s Day, which is in Hallstatt! We both love to travel and lately we’ve been working a lot so we decided not to exchange gifts, flowers or chocolates but to go on a short trip. And it really was magical. I have never been to Hallstatt before and I wanted to go for a long time because I saw amazing pictures, so for me it was the coolest gift ever.

And of course we brought some pictures for you as well 😀

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned because more Hallstatt pictures will follow shortly.