Hi there,

Since I had some rough weeks lately I needed to prepare a cute blogpost to remind myself about the awesome time in Thailand and stay motivated till it’s time for the awesome trips planned for this year.

Natan and I both fell in love with Asia and the people there, their food, the temperament, the kindness, the simplicity, and and and. I could go on and on with the list but if you haven’t been to an Asian country you might not understand and if you have been than you can continue the list yourself because you know what I’m talking about.

The one thing I miss most from our time in Phuket is the freedom we had there!!! You might say now that all vacations are about freedom and that’s true, but the liberty and spontaneity we experienced is not comparable with our previous vacations. For example, this little photoshoot originated from a spontaneous moped ride through the jungle. To be honest we did not even plan to end up in the jungle, but we were a bit too confident about how to get to our destination without the navigation, got lost and ended up on the Monkey Hill. Jup that’s a thing! It’s called like this because lots of monkeys live there in little houses people built for them and are fed by people who visit (or by stuff they steal from people who visit them …Natan has a funny story on that). We then spent all afternoon there feeding the monkeys, taking pictures with them, filming.

I miss having no plan what to do next, not caring where I end up and how much time I spend there. That means I’m ready for another vacation! What about you ?!

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon (next Friday).