Hi girls,

some of you asked me about my make-up desk and although it’s not finished yet I decided to share some pictures and details where I have it from. I wanted/needed a make-up desk with a lot  of drawers where I can stow many things. After looking a while for the perfect desk I came to the conclusion that no desk I saw was what I really wanted. Don’t get me wrong most of them were beautiful but not what I was looking for.

I went through some pictures on Pinterest and saw how some girls took different furniture pieces and put together their own make-up desks. So I started looking at shelves and drawers and after I found them I asked Natan if we (and with we I meant him) can build one. As he is very supportive he agreed and we took this 2 beautiful drawers from Ikea and a simple wood panel to put in-between. And my mirror I ordered online from here.

The make-up desk is actually not done yet. I am still working on the decoration around it. I still need some light chains and pictures. 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!