Hi you guys,

We just arrived back home from our short and intense but awesome trip to Spain. Why intense? Because we had so many things planned but only a couple of days to do everything. I will start in the middle because at the beginning of the trip we had some unpleasant surprises which almost killed our holidays but we decided to get pass it and make the best out of this vacation…AND WE DID!

This time we traveled with family (Natan’s brother and his wife). And the coolest part was that they both like taking pictures as much as we do :D. I already started sharing some on Instagram because I couldn’t wait to show you. Bea, my sister (in law) and I created a hashtag for pictures and videos we both are in. It’s #beeaandrea if you want to check it out. So yeah you can imagine that most of the time we spent on taking pictures and filming (we also had a cool project there which I will share with you in the next blog post).

We took this photos on Benidorm’s cliffs, after hiking in “heels” for a while. Unfortunately, it was very foggy that evening and you can’t really see the amazing view we had from there. Also when we got to the top we only had like 5 minutes before the sun went down to take pictures. Luckily our boys are good photographers and managed to capture everything in this short time.

I hope you guys like the pictures and stay tuned for some more 😀

Kisses -A


Jumpsuit: H&M (old, similar here)

Choker: Asos

Sandals: H&M

sunglasses: Aldo