Hi there!

Today I was looking through our wedding pictures and I got so excited. 😀 All these memories made me nostalgic and since some of you girls asked about a blog post on my wedding, I totally want to share some pictures with you, even if they’re one and a half years old and you probably already saw some of them on Facebook or Instagram. 

It really was the best day of my life! I felt like a princess in that dress, my whole family and all my friends where there, everything went very smoothly and the most important thing: I married my best friend. 😀 

I’ve heard stories before of how stressed most brides are and I was expecting to be stressed as well. I even prepared a playlist of songs to calm me down in case I freaked out, but nothing of the sort happened. I was so calm and full of joy the entire time and I even got 8 hours of sleep the night before the wedding. I went to bed early because I couldn’t wait to wake up, wear the dress and become Natan’s wife.

Of course not everything worked out exactly as planned, but no matter how much you try to plan every detail, something will eventually come up and then it’s all about your mindset. It affects the way you’ll react and it determines whether you let it bother you or whether you can look past it and enjoy what is supposed to be the greatest day of your life.

I hope it was not too cheesy but like I said in the beginning, these memories made me nostalgic. 😀

I’ll be back soon :*