Hi I’m Andrea. I’m 23 years old living in Vienna and I’m currently working fulltime as a Compliance Specialist in an International Bank. You can imagine that working in a bank doesn’t require a lot of creativity and imagination.  Therefor I created this personal Blog to get all the passion I have out there.

This Blog started as a hobby thing but lately I’m more and more determined to make this work. What I mean with make it work? Investing more time and creativity into all the things I’m doing for the blog to turn it from a hobby thing into something more stable. Something that in the future might be my full time occupation. And I know there are tons of bloggers out there and everyone is trying hard to become rich and famous but I tell you now why I need this to be successful. Not necessary because I want to be rich and famous but because I am shocked about the standard of social media the world has lately. I see so many people achieving big audience by presenting themselves in a way that doesn’t necessarily make them proud only to get people to watch and “like” it. I’m so annoyed by all the videos on Facebook that I honestly don’t even want to scroll through the news feeds anymore.

I’m saying let’s not be mad of someone who got famous and rich with creating something bad when we are the ones making them famous by watching all the stuff they produced.

This is the reason I continue to work hard for this blog which is about all the things I love (like: Travel, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Photography) and together we will grow it big.

So let’s all amaze each other by using the talents we got in the most efficient way and support each other by liking and sharing the stuff we really like.

I hope to inspire you like I am inspired daily by so many great people around me.