Hi there!

I’m so excited to share this post with you 😀

My favorite photo shoot ever because this time Natan was next to me instead of behind the camera. It took me a while to convince him because he is quite a shy guy (:P) and he felt uncomfortable in the beginning, but then things loosened up.

It was a big wish of mine since forever ago but in addition to Natan being shy we also were not sure with whom to take this special pictures. It was important for us to be able to open up and be ourselves during the shooting so the pictures reflect us.  And for those who know us can see in the pictures that The Cristureans Wedding Photography totally managed not only to loosen us up but also to capture our joy and love. I will link you all the sites where you can see more of their work: Facebook / Instagram / Homepage / Something special .

Also with this post I want to tell you about some future plans Natan and I have regarding the blog. Till now the blog was pretty much a hobby and fun thing and not something constant and very serious. Which worked out great and I am so thankful for all those who commented, shared and wrote a feedback. Now we want to invest in this project and make it work! We still want it to be fun but we want to give it a try and put more time, more effort, more creativity, more money and more dedication into it. Also we saw and recognized that we can’t work alone anymore and need outside input and a team and last but not least we need YOU to turn this into something awesome. Yes you! Because we also realized that we got to the point where we can’t grow anymore without you helping us. That’s why we would appreciate a share from you guys a lot so other people can find out about the blog and follow it if they like!

So thank you all for the future support and feedback and I’m really looking forward to hear from you!