Hi guys,

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but blogging is not as simple as it looks. I often get the question why I’m not posting more often and I think this is a totally legitimate question. The thing is that I’m at work more than 40 hour’s a week and I do lots of other stuff like church and sports, and it’s really hard to find time. I also wanna say that I started to blog because I’m having fun doing it and I want it to stay fun! I want my content to be good and I have to like it 100% before I share it with you. Therefore I want it to come naturally and not because I feel like I have to dress up, go somewhere and shoot some pictures because my last post is maybe already two weeks old and I have to post something continually. But within the next months we have planned quite some trips where we will shoot a lot of pics (maybe I’ll even do some vlogging :D). So the next posts will we be very travel-related.

Anyway… one of my favorite parts about blogging is putting outfits together. Of course I also love buying cloths, but after I receive everything (because I buy most of my clothes online) and I have everything lying in front of me the fun begins. Combining cloths, colors, accessories and so on is like putting a puzzle together. So I thought I’d share with you some tips that I found, read and experienced about combining clothes :

· Mix cold colours with silver accessories and warm colours with golden accessories.

· Have a good basic wardrobe. There are basic clothes you can combine with a lot of different other cloths. So make sure to       have a white and a black shirt or t-shirt and a couple pairs of jeans in your closet.

· Experiment with price ranges and buy from shops like Accessorize, H&M, Zara, Asos, Topshop and sometimes even designer clothes, shoes or handbags.

· Work around one item. A good way to make putting your outfit together easier is to pick one item and choose the entire outfit around that item.

· Wear your outfit with confidence!!!

Have a lovely weekend and make sure to follow me on snapchat (andreamurasan) because we are flying away on Friday and I’ll be posting a lot.

-Kisses A.