Hi all,

It has been so difficult to find the time to work on the blog posts lately and when I finally do have time it’s so hard to find the motivation to just sit down and get things done. As I mentioned in a previous post, my plan is to start working with some people who are going to support me in some social media tasks and maybe in the future even become part of the team (anyone interested?! :P). Until then I will have to manage everything with the resources I have at the moment.

We took these amazing sunset pictures on our last day in Thailand (which was also my birthday). For some it might sound boring or cheesy, but for me it was exactly what I wanted (for the last day there) because, as you might know, I love sunsets.

Also, I was looking for a beach swing for the entire two weeks we have been in Phuket and I almost gave up on the idea of taking some cliché beach swing pictures. But to my surprise I found the beach swing and together with these little details like the red/violet/orange sky, the evening sun warming my skin, the romantic music playing at a wedding that was taking place on the beach only a few meters away,  Natan’s serious look (which he very rarely has – at least not like that one), and last but not least the promise he gave me to take me back to this place very soon – well, all these made it the perfect evening. And truth be told, we already started planning our next trip to this beautiful place.

In the previous Thailand blogpost, I told you guys that we are the adventure holiday type of people and we like to see lots of different things and explore many different places, so I think you can imagine how much we must have loved that place, if we’re already planning on going there a second time.

There is one more Thailand blogpost I will share with you very soon 😀

Kisses -A.

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