Hi there,

Happy weekend!!! We are on our way to Styria to visit Natan’s parents and we have a very relaxed weekend planned.

Do you know the kind of days where you are in such a good mood that you could hug the whole planet?! Well today is one of those days for me. Actually, it’s not just today. I feel this way for quite some time now, although I’m struggling with some health problems lately, but let’s better focus on the whole planet hugging thing because nothing good ever came out of worrying or focusing on the bad.

Today I wanna tell you a bit about how I’m staying focused and positive with all the things going on in my life. I’m sure that every one of you has quite some stuff like work, school, church, workout, projects, more work,… going on every day, and maybe some of you will understand what I’m talking about and find this helpful.

My big breakthrough-approach-plan for this year is in the midst of everything going on, just take a break!

Take a break to calm down, take a break to analyze the situation or take a break to think about anything else except the problem. How often did it happened to you (because I can’t be the only one who is… no… was doing this) that you stressed yourself out over something that in the end turned out to be just fine. And most of the time I’m the one putting pressure on myself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have high expectations and goals you work for and desperately want to achieve, also some pressure helps us to stay on it, but sometimes we are so deeply focused on everything around us that we loose the overview. That’s why I find it helpful, that in the moment I feel overwhelmed by the plan I want to stick to, to just step back from everything and take a break!

What to do during this break is for everyone different, the only thing you must do is not care (even if it is only for 5 min). Allow yourself not to care!!! And the moment you go back to whatever it was, you needed this break from, you will see that your attitude, your patience and your motivation towards it improved.

Not sure what inspired me to write this, but I’m usually just going with the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of writing a blogpost.

Wish you all a very relaxed weekend.



fur coat: BikBok

pants: Asos

boots: Zara (similar here)

top: Zara

sunglasses: Ray-Ban