#traveldiary – Ljubljana


Hi there!

I don’t know if you remember and I know it’s way to late but we had a short and very relaxing trip some time ago and I wanted to share some impressions and pictures of the places we have been to. 

This time we were traveling with our friends Alex and Ruth. The plan was to take lots of pictures (since both of our friends and Natan are photographers) and eat good food ( #priorities ).

Oh, wait I did not even tell you where we went. Let’s start at the beginning:

Friday: We packed up the car and drove … to the next Mc’Donalds to have breakfast (because food was priority no. 2 on this trip) xD

After breakfast, some hours of driving and quite some stops we arrived in Ljubljana.

We decided to stay in an Airbnb apartment because as you might know already Natan and I are big Airbnb fans. This was our apartment: https://www.airbnb.at/rooms/3632549?guests=4&adults=4&s=kkks6N3U

After unpacking and complaining about how cold it was in the apartment, because the landlord turned on the heating only when we arrived, we went out to explore Ljubljana. Our apartment was located only 5 min by foot from the city center. Here are some impressions of Ljubljana shot by Alex during our little walk.


You can guess now what we did after our picture hunting walk … food! We wanted to try out something traditional and went to a restaurant we discovered while exploring the city. http://www.vodnikov-hram.si/


 After the car ride and  the walk and food we were pretty tired so we decided to head back home look at the pictures we took and relax for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately it wasn’t as cozy as we expected because our apartment was still pretty freaking cold so we complained some more and went to sleep with our socks on and several blankets 😛 .

Saturday: Our second day in Ljubljana started out pretty much the same as the previous one ended: by complaining how cold it is. Taking a shower was no fun. Anyways we got ready and left the cold apartment to look for a cool breakfast place. While Ruth and I were very food oriented the guys were more looking for pictures places. When we finally found the place, it was more brunching than breakfast but it was awesome. Especially the pancakes!!! (you will see more in the Vlog)


 After brunching we actually had only one more thing to visit. The Ljubljana castle. So we walked to the elevator, went up the hill into the castle and spent pretty much the whole afternoon there, visiting the doll museum, taking pictures and filming.


During one of our discovery walks through the city we found a steak house and as you might know we are big steak fans! Therefore, we had to try it that evening. (you will see more in the Vlog)

On our way home from dinner we talked about the temperature in our apartment and tried to guess how warm/ cold it will be when we get back. Luckily the sun was shining on that day and our apartment warmed up a bit so we could enjoy a cozy evening. We sat down and made plans for the next day because Ljubljana was way smaller than expected and we already saw and photographed everything there was. 😛

But I think this blogpost was long enough so stay tuned because the next destination, travel diary and a Vlog will follow soon!