Hey guys,

last week we had a national holiday in Austria and many people had the day off, so did my husband and I. We planned on having breakfast with my brother Toby, who is also a passionate hobby photographer like Natan, and his wife Daniela. What do you think happens when two people who are very passionate about photography get together on a beautiful and sunny winter day? Well, they spontaneously decide to go somewhere into nature and shoot pictures of their, hopefully, consenting wives. So while we had breakfast we decided to go to the Green Lake in Styria, Austria. It was a very cold day and we were pretty much freezing, especially towards the end of the photoshoot, but it was so worth it. The weather was perfect, the company was so much fun and we had a really memorable day. And I think I’m safe to say that we shot some really good pictures.

Have an awesome weekend!


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