Oh boy it was so cold outside when we took this pictures. We were half way through when I realized it is probably the last Autumn outfit for this year. A bit sad because I love Autumn but at the same time I’m excited for winter. I’m already dreaming about the winter wonderland pictures we plan to take. Not in Vienna though! Snow in Vienna is pretty much one of my least favorite thing because everything gets muddy the minute it reaches the ground.

I initially planned to take the Outfit pictures without the scarf but it was so cold that I needed it. And also I love this scarf. It’s huge, warm and cozy and in the end it fit perfectly to the outfit. Lucky me 😀

Another thing I love are those Zara boots! I mean how cool are they?!

My dress I bought last week in Mango Panndorf (old collection) . It was pretty much the only thing I found in the whole shopping place (I’m more of an online shopper).

Hat and choker are from Asos,  I think (bought them some time ago).

Here you can find:   similar dress    /    similar belt    /    similar scarf    /    similar hat    /     similar choker

Hope you like the outfit and the pictures…talk to you soon!