Hi there!

So today I’m gonna let you in on a secret about myself. Something that might come as a surprise to you but it’s about time I just reveal it and go on with my life… I don’t like doing my make-up!

Yes that’s it, it’s out there and that’s it. Why that’s the case you ask me? Well I simply don’t get it.

I am actually very fascinated by make-up and all the cool things you can do with it, the way it can change your look, your attitude, your style. Only thing is I can’t do it. And yeseees I watched a lot of tutorials and I bought the exact same products and did the exact same thing they did in the video but nop. No chance. And I always get frustrated when it doesn’t work out. Tutorials didn’t help me, practice didn’t help me, make-up class did not help me but since I’m not a quitter I’m not giving up! 😛

Probably you wonder now how I do my make-up every day if I can’t seem to figure it out. Well it’s a surprise make-up look every day for me as well. I just start to do it and hope it turns out okyy.

Any way you can imagine my happiness when I found someone who loves to do this, is pretty damn good in what she is doing and is willing to work with me. I’m actually so happy about it that I want to share it with you in some pictures and a round-up video.

So if you like my make-up in the next blog posts credits to Daniela Benea (her website is coming soon). Also do me a favor and go ached write her on Facebook or Instagram what a great job she is doing because she is still at the beginning and appreciation does not cost anything and might encourage a person and help to grow potential.

Talk to you soon!