Hi girls!

 This time I want to share my Glossybox with you. I love the idea of a Glossybox – it’s like receiving a gift every month. Although I’ve have found the make up that fits me best, I love to try out new stuff and I can say that 90% of what’s in the box is something that every girl needs, like make-up remover, shower gel, hair spray, etc… So even if every now and then there were some things in the box I did’t use, I can say that I was always happy with the content of the Glossybox. I love the package and the little brochure that comes with it where they describe the products in the box. 

Here are some facts about the Glossybox:

·         The Glossybox is a monthly subscription (you can choose different subscription types).

·         Every month you get at least 5 products (not all of them are beauty products).

·         The Glossyox will be delivered to your home.

·         The Glossybox has collaborations with different kind of brands from high end brands to drugstore beauty products.

 Big thanks to the Glossybox! If you girls wanna find out more about it you can visit their page www.glossybox.at

Also, I made my very first Video for you and it shows how I unpack the box. I watched a lot of videos about girls who open their beauty boxes and I am a big fan, so I wanted to try it myself. The video isn’t super professional but I had a lot of fun making it! Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more videos or if you want me to just stick with writing. 😛

If my thoughts, the video and their page made you curious and you decided to sign up and try the Glossybox yourself you can do it here!

Thank you so much for stopping by!